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Since 2001, FKD Contracting has been offering commercial transport services with reliability and care. As leaders in our industry, we serve Western Canada by providing quality transportation options and customized shipping services. With our timely and safe practices, our experts have experience with transporting hazardous materials, hauling dry bulk and liquid hauling, and shipping packaged explosives. For every load, we proceed with caution and care to ensure that your shipments arrive safely, and on time. At FKD Contracting, our mission is to help you with all of your transport needs - plain and simple.

Leaders in Hauling Dry Bulk & Single Tank Liquids
Whether you need assistance with dry bulk hauling or single tank liquid shipments, FKD Contracting will get your product where it needs to go.
Serving Alberta & British Columbia
With our fleet of over 30 trucks, we pride ourselves in offering flexible services to a growing industry of clientele, and ensuring that everyone receives quality care.
Timely Service & Safe Practices
At FKD Contracting, our specialties are quick and efficient services paired with secure and safe transport practices. That’s what makes us the best.
Low Boy & Off Road Transport
Part of FKD’s unique transport offerings is the ability to safely ship bulk and dangerous goods using low boy and off-road options. There’s nothing we can’t transport.

Dry Bulk & Chemical

When it comes to dry bulk and chemical transportation, our customized approach allows for each shipment to receive individual attention and specially designed containment.

Dangerous Goods Transport

As a team of certified transportation experts, we understand and apply safe practices to all dangerous goods transports, no matter how big or small.

Packaged Explosives Transport

Our team is qualified to haul a variety of packaged and bulk explosives. We apply specialized practices to each haul, for ultimate safety.

Low Boy Equipment Services

With our low boy equipment services, we offer off-road transport and hauling for oversized machinery and heavy equipment; your unique shipping needs are our specialty.

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in Explosives Transportation

FKD Contracting has been in business for over 20 years; we take pride in what we do, because we do it well, and with confidence. With a fleet of over 30 trucks and growing, our team of certified professionals ensures that safe transportation, timely service, and customer satisfaction are at the top of our list of priorities. By maintaining a qualified team and a high level of standard, FKD Contracting is a reliable, experienced, and dependable option for everything in transportation and shipping. Working with our team at FKD means working with innovation and skill.

Leaders in Our Industry

When it comes to the transport of dangerous or oversized goods, it’s imperative that these matters are handled by trained shipping professionals. With a variety of trucks, flatbeds, and trailers, FKD Contracting has the experience and expertise to ensure that your goods arrive safely at their destination. Our transportation equipment is specially designed for hauling oversized and dangerous loads, operated by a qualified team, tracked by GPS services, and covered by the most comprehensive insurance. Secure transport, versatile solutions, and innovative practices are just some of the ways FKD Contracting stands apart from competitors.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

The transportation of dangerous and oversized goods requires special care and attention, and safety practices are an imperative part of ensuring that these materials are transported securely and without incident. FKD Contracting certifies that our practices follow strict guidelines and regulations in order to minimize risks and maximize efficiency. This includes ensuring that our drivers are properly trained, that all safety equipment is up to date and in good working condition, and that all shipments are consistently recorded. By adhering to detailed safety procedures, FKD Contracting gets your goods where they need to go.

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Our Approach to Safe Transport

Our top priority is to safely transport all of your hazardous, bulk, and oversized products; that’s why, to ensure the secure shipping of each load, we assess what the product is, where it needs to be shipped, and how we’re going to get it there. At FKD Contracting, we have specific qualifications that allow us to provide all kinds of dangerous goods transport services, including off-road, low boy, pneumatic trucking, bulk tanker, and hazardous goods transportation. We are committed to applying our knowledge and expertise when hauling packaged explosives, mobile manufacturing units, single-tank liquids, and more.